When planning a trip to Bethlehem you need to take into consideration several factors: what are you most interested in seeing? How much time do you want to spend on the trip to Bethlehem? Are there other tourist attractions and Christian pilgrimage sites in the area that you are interested in seeing on the same trip?

All of our tours to Bethlehem include Nativity Circle; the cave where Jesus was born; Manger Square: the Catholic and Greek Churches and the Milk Grotto. All of these Bethlehem tours have pick-up points in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Dead Sea and Jerusalem.

Tour Bethlehem and Jericho

This full day tour gives you a thorough look at all the Christian sites in Bethlehem as well as the nearby ancient city of Jericho, thought to be the oldest city in the world. Choose this tour if you are mainly interested in Bethlehem but have enough time to spend a whole day getting to know the birth place of Jesus and Jericho as well.

Tour Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Massada and the Dead Sea

This tour to Bethlehem is a two day tour and you will get to see the most important Christian sites within Jerusalem (Via Dolorosa for example) and the most important Christian pilgrimage sites in Bethlehem. No trip to Israel is complete without floating in the Dead Sea, the mountain of Massada is very close to the Dead Sea. Because of their proximity it is best to include Massada in a trip to the Dead Sea. On day one you see Jerusalem (mainly the Old City) and Bethlehem, then on day two you visit the Dead Sea and Massada. This tour to Bethlehem is a good choice if you want to cover these must-see Israeli tourist attractions in just two days.

Tour Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Dead Sea health and relaxation

This is also a two day tour and also includes Jerusalem and Bethlehem on day one and then the Dead Sea on day two. The main difference between this tour and the previous one is that here you get to spend more time relaxing and enjoying the Dead Sea. You will still get to see all the essential Christian pilgrimage sites in Jerusalem and Bethlehem but on day two go at a slower pace. Perhaps choose this tour to Bethlehem if your stay in Israel is a longer one and if you prefer traveling at a slower pace and having some down-time.

Tour Jerusalem and Bethlehem

A tour to Israel is not complete without visiting Jerusalem and if you are a Christian Bethlehem is also an essential Christian pilgrimage site, so this tour covers two cities vital to any trip to Israel. Take this Bethlehem trip if you wish to focus more on Jerusalem and Bethlehem and if you are not going to be touring Jerusalem separately. With this tour you are guaranteed to cover Bethlehem thoroughly.

Bethlehem Half Day Tour

If you choose this tour to Bethlehem you won’t be missing anything in Bethlehem, you will see all the major Christian pilgrimage sites in half a day. This is a good choice if you either are pressured for time or the opposite if you have come for a long trip to Israel and have enough time to focus only on Bethlehem for this day. The tour ends at 13:00 in Jerusalem and for a fee you can join a group returning to Tel Aviv at 15:30.

Which even Bethlehem trip you choose to take it is worthwhile and an important stop on a Christian pilgrimage to Israel.

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