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TOUR NO. 114 (from Jerusalem)

TOUR NO. 214 (from Tel Aviv)

TOUR NO. 914 (Dead Sea Hotels)

TOUR NO. 814 (from Haifa)

“Bethlehem”, meaning of the name is “City of Bread” (as a result of the wheat that grew in the area). Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus and King David. The tour arrive to Bethlehem via the Nativity Circle, then visit the cave where Jesus was born and then the Manger Square (where they put Jesus was after the birth).

Next, we visit the Catholic and Greek Church and the see the Milk Grotto, (the place where Mary fed her son)

We will stop for an overview of the the Sheperd Fields and visit the church.

On route, see the Inn of the Good Samaritan, absorb the breathtaking view of the Judean desert.

We take a short stop and then continue to Jericho. Jericho is the oldest city in the world. The tour stops at Zacheus Sycamore, the old Sycamore tree on which Zacheus climbed to see Jesus.

Visit the Mound of Ancient Jericho, a place where over 20 ancient towns were uncovered. Jericho, founded at 8000 B.E.C, is was mentioned in the bible story of the spies. Jericho is possibly the oldest Jewish settlement, as it was captured by Joshua and Israel in 1200 B.E.C.

The tour makes a last stop for an overview of Mount Temptation, the oasis of Jericho and Elisha’s spring.

The Mount of Temptation is the place where Satan tried to tempt Jesus.

Return to hotels.

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Passports are compulsory

Tour ends approx. 17:00 – David Citadel Hotel.

A Palestinian Guide will meet the group at border post.

Group might need to change vehicle for entry to Palestinian Authority territory.

Tour minimum is 2 participants

Tour is subjected to Palestinian Autority regulations.


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