Take an Israel tour package and experience the incredible country from one end to the other. When you book a Touryourway Israel tour package you know that you will be seeing the most interesting and important attractions in the country – including Bethlehem and Masada.

You can pick and choose the package which best suites your interests and the time you have available. With all packages including transportation, guide service and accommodation you have everything covered and don’t have the headache of making arrangements for individual day tours. So what will you see on a package tour of Israel? Here are a few of the most popular places included in packages.


Top of everyone’s list is the City of Gold. Almost all package tours in Israel cover Jerusalem – it is a beautiful city, rich in culture, history and religious significance.

It was here that Jesus spent the final week of his life and much of the Old City remains as it was when Jesus walked the stone streets.

An Israel tour package which includes Jerusalem will take you into the Old City to top attractions like the Western Wall and the Holy Sepulchre, a church built in the 4th century to mark the places where Jesus was crucified and where he was entombed.

You will also get to visit iconic landmarks like the Mount of Olives, the Room of the Last Supper, King’s David’s Tomb and Mount Zion.

You will be amazed how many places in Jerusalem today are mentioned in the Bible.

While in the Old City tours take visitors along the Via Dolorosa which follows the stone streets towards Golgotha.

Dead Sea and Masada

Almost all of the Israel tour packages visit the Dead Sea as it is a UNESCO site, famous throughout the world as the lowest place on Earth. At the Dead Sea you’ll be able to enjoy the beach, swim in the therapeutic water and cover yourself with some of the rejuvenating mud! Masada is usually included in a day at the Dead Sea simply because the two sites are close to each other. Masada is a remarkable flat-topped mount which rises out of the desert.

King Herod built a palace complex on the flat summit about 30 year before Jesus was born and much of the complex has survived. When touring Masada you will get shown the remarkable structures including a Roman bathhouse, palaces and storage rooms.


For most Christians visiting the Galilee in northern Israel is a wonderful opportunity to see the places where Jesus preached the world of God during his ministry. You will visit places like the Mount of Beatitudes, Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee and see where he performed the miracle of the fish and loaves.

Some of these tours also include a chance to get baptized in the Jordan River as John baptized Jesus.


A highlight of any trip to the Holy Land is Bethlehem where Jesus was born. On an Israel tour package which includes a visit to Bethlehem you will see the Church of Nativity which holds the Holy grotto believed to be where the nativity took place.

You will also visit the adjacent St Catherine Church, Milk Grotto and while driving on route to Bethlehem you will also see Shepherd’s Field and the setting for the story of the Good Samaritan.

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