Orthodox Jewish tourists in Israel have special requirements when planning a guided tour. Tour guides for Orthodox Jewish tourists should preferably be Jewish themselves and know the traditions and norms of the orthodox community.

For example the tour guide for orthodox tourists should dress modestly; steer the group in the direction of kosher eateries and focus on attractions which interest the orthodox Jewish community.

Tour guides employed to guide BeinHarim Tours Jewish tours to Israel are knowledgeable about the preferences of orthodox Jews and about which sites and attractions will interest them most. So in the hands of a reliable Jewish tour guide orthodox visitors to Israel can confidently enjoy their time in the Holy Land seeing the most relevant Jewish sites in the country.

You should also consider taking one of the multi-day Jewish Gems tours which can last up to 10 days and include both Jewish sites and sites of general interest.

Top Jewish Sites in Israel

Jerusalem is regarded by Jews as the most sacred city in the world and within Jerusalem the holiest site is Temple Mount where the Holy Jewish Temple once stood.

Today the Dome of the Rock stands on Temple Mount but a small section of the Temple has survived – the Western Wall (also called the Wailing Wall and the Kotel). Orthodox visitors to Jerusalem should spend time at the Kotel where they can pray with other Jews from around the world and place a prayer note between the large stones of the wall.

Also in Jerusalem is the Mount of Olives where the oldest Jewish cemetery in the world has overlooks the Old City for more than 3,000 years and holds approximately 150,000 graves. Mount Zion is the site of King David’s Tomb and is one of the places where Jewish tours to Israel usually stop.

Also in Jerusalem is the Yad VaShem Holocaust Museum, a must for all Jewish travelers to Israel. Those interested in Jewish history, culture, tradition and art should visit the Israel Museum.

Jewish tours to Israel often visit Masada the site of a significant event in Jewish history and a symbol of Jewish courage and commitment to their faith. Israel has four Holy cities in Israel – Jerusalem, Hebron, Safed and Tiberias.

Tours visit Safed to see the ancient synagogues dedicated to Josef Caro and Ari and the birthplace of Kabbalah. Other top Jewish destinations in Israel include Jericho, Mount Meron, Acre, Haifa, Caesarea and the excavated City of David in Jerusalem. No visit to Israel is complete without seeing the Dead Sea and Tel Aviv.

Jewish tours to Israel will guide you towards beaches specifically geared towards the orthodox community with separate male and female bathing areas/hours.

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