Bethlehem Half Day Tour

From: Departure: Economy: Business:
Tel Aviv 07:15 $88 $-
Jerusalem 08:30 $70 $-

PILGRIM IN THE CHURCH OF THE NATIVITYBethlehem is the birthplace of King David, meaning City of Bread as a result of the wheat crop that grew in the region. According to Christian tradition, Jesus was born there. We will drive to Bethlehem via Nativity Circle, visit the cave where Jesus was born and the Manger Square, where Jesus was placed after his birth. Also visit the Greek and the Catholic Church and the Milk Grotto, where Mary fed her son. Overview the Sheperd Fields and visit the church. Return to Jerusalem

TOUR NO. 203

Include  immediate return to Tel Aviv / Ben Gurion Airport at approximately 13:30 o’clock.

Price: 140$
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  • Tour ends at David Citadel Hotel (13:00)
  • Must have valid Passports
  • modest dress (covered shoulders, legs,  no shorts) compulsory.
  • Additional $15 – join return to Tel Aviv from Holocaust museum at 15:30. On Fri & Sat – from David Citadel Hotel.
  • Tour is subjected to Palestinian authority regulations.
  • Palestinian guide will meet the tour only at border post.
  • Change of vehicle might be required, at entry to Palestinian Authority territory.


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